Ma Zendeh Mimoonim

Artist: Yasamin Saleki

Odd Time Rock

Artist: Mohsen Namjoo


Artist: Rostam Mirlashari

Unbalanced - EP

Artist: Habib Meftah

Man - EP

Artist: Yasamin Saleki


With Mojgan Shajarian & Sharzad ensemble

Mojgan Shajarian has the music in her blood. This Album is her collaboration with Shahrzad Ensemble - a string quartet consisting of four women. Tahmoures Pournazeri, one of Iran's most prominent composers, has brought together these female musicians who play classical pieces composed by international artists. The Album is dedicated to Maestro Mohammadreza Shajarian and is a musical journey to different musical pieces both composed for her by maestro Shajarian and  compositions from other composers as, Keykhosro Pournazeri, Tahmoures Pournazeri etc..

Artist: Mojgan Shajarian

Musicians: Scheherazade Quartet, Tina Jamehgarmi violin, Yeganeh Hosseini Nia violin, Niloufar Sohi. Viola, Negar Norad. Cello

Mahyar Roreihi. Santour, Gholamreza Sadeghi. Piano and percussion, Thamoures Pournazeri. setar

Produced by: Tahmoures Pournazeri
Mixed: Barana Studios

Release:   Sept 2021


Darya grew up in an artistic environment in Iran. Her mother is a singer/director of the Marionette Theatre.

In 1999, she obtained her “Diplome d’Etude Musicale” (Musical studies diploma – Gold Medal) in vocal training. One year later, she finished her musical education in the National Conservatory of Toulouse/France and obtained a first-class diploma, as well as a Diploma specializing in Baroque Style.

Darya also has a Master’s Degree in art, from the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” of Toulouse/France.

Babak is a highly talented and accomplished Iranian, Canadian Musician Composer, Guitarist, and a member of American Guitar Society (CSUN University, Northridge, CA). He is also a member of Toronto Musicians' Association. (TMA). instructor of Canada Music Academy. 

Musicians: Darya Dadvar, Babak Amini

Music and Lyrics: Leila Azodi Ghajar

Release: July 30, 2021


Damsaz Duet is an expression of the close collaboration between Hamid Motebassem and Samira Golbaz. Their entwined personal and professional life started with Hamid’s invitation to Samira to play in the Mezrab Ensemble. Now after five years of sharing their life together, they have had numerous artistic results.

The following album is the result of a performance in their small home studio, following the challenge to maintain the contact with the musical audience during Corona times.


Samira Golbaz, Setar

Hamid Motebassem , Setar

Sound recording: Sasan Azodi, Hamid Motabassem

Mix and Mastering: Orod Anzabipoor

Release: December 8 th  2020


Artist : KIOSK 

Kiosk is a pioneering Iranian rock band (The Berlin Daily Newspaper) founded by Arash Sobhani in Tehran in 2003. The name of the band, Kiosk, stems from the original formation of the group in Tehran, when its members gathered together in any possible makeshift space or “Kiosk” to play their music without fear of arrest.

After censorship and restriction by Iranian authorities, its musicians immigrated to the U.S. and Canada. The band has since toured throughout the world and released ten albums.

Musicians: Arash Sobhani, Ali Kamali, Shahrouz Molaei

Release: August 20, 2021


Artist : Saman Alias

Saman Alias is a clarinettist and a composer based in Sweden who has received a master's degree in Music from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and has worked both nationally and internationally for many years.

In his new album "Lavin," in collaboration with the Swedish pianist, Johan Ericsson tries to create original Kurdish jazz music. Lavin is an album for a piano, bass, drums, and clarinet and is composed entirely as new Kurdish sound with original ideas.


Saman Alias, Johan Ericsson

Sound recording: United Voice studios

Mix and Mastering: Johan Moberg

Release: December 28 th  2020


When Sufism meets Blues

With classical blues elements, lyrics from ancient Persian poets, Sufi music and the traditional instrument tanbur in focus, a new style of music is created - Tanblues - which will consolidate its place in the music heaven. Josette Bushell – Mingo, director, actress and singer. Highly current with the acclaimed hit show Nina - a story about me and Nina Simone.  Tahmoures Pournazeri is one of Iran's most prominent composers and one of the founders of the modern Iranian style of music. Together they will conquer the blues world with a new style. This is a meeting between two worlds, two religions, two continents, two styles of music and above all two prominent and highly current artists.

Artist: Tahmoures Pournazeri , Josette Bushel Mingo

Musicians: Tahmoures Pournazeri, Tanbur; Josette Bushel Mingo, Song; Arin Keshishi, Bas; Shayan Riahi, Percussions

Poems: Hakim Omar Khayam,

Produced by: Tahmoures Pournazeri , Mansour Hosseini
Mixed: Tahmoures Pournazeri
Mastered: Stockholm Mastering
Graphic art: Alireza latifian


The Sound of My Diary

Afro Persian Beats

Artist: Habib Meftah
Produced by: Habib Meftah / Babak Rezvani & Nicolas Lacoumette
Mixed: Babak Rezvani
Mastered: Soheil Saremi
Graphic art: Mahdi Yousefi
Recording label: UNITED VOICE

Shibaali is the sound of Habib Meftahs diary. The conversations and lessons that paved his way from Bushehr to Paris. With a reference to folk music from south of Iran, this electro-acoustic album will take you on a journey of bringing traditional afro persian beats to a modern dance floor.


United Voice

United Voice