Band: Kiosk

First Iranian rock opera or the first Rock Opera that comes out of the middle east. This project will open doors to many other musicians to think of rock music as a powerful instrument for expressing more complex social issues and stories.
The artistic aspect of the project is also unique since it will be a journey through visual art history of Iran via music

Vocal: Arash Subhani, Bas, Ali Kamali, Drums Shahroz Molai, Guitar, Johan Moberg,

Arrangment: Johan Moberg

OBS! The Artwork is  in progress

Release: April 2021


Dedicated to: Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian

With Mojgan Shajarian & Sharzad ensemble

Mojgan Shajarian has the music in her blood. This Album is her collaboration with Shahrzad Ensemble - a string quartet consisting of four women. Tahmoures Pournazeri, one of Iran's most prominent composers, has brought together these female musicians who play classical pieces composed by international artists. The Album is dedicated to Maestro Mohammadreza Shajarian and is a musical journey to different musical pieces both composed for her by maestro Shajarian and  compositions from other composers as, Keykhosro Pournazeri, Tahmoures Pournazeri etc..

Artist: Mojgan Shajarian

Musicians: Scheherazade Quartet, Tina Jamehgarmi violin, Yeganeh Hosseini Nia violin, Niloufar Sohi. Viola, Negar Norad. Cello

Mahyar Roreihi. Santour, Gholamreza Sadeghi. Piano and percussion, Thamoures Pournazeri. setar

Produced by: Tahmoures Pournazeri
Mixed: Barana Studios

Release:   March 2021

OBS, The Artwork is a temporary


United Voice

United Voice