United Voice is an agency representing international artists, mostly with non European origin like Iran, Syria, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine. These countries are prey to political and religious conflicts, often putting artists and musicians, in particular female artists, at risk. United Voice works with professional stage art strips, musicians and singers in all genres; All from theatre, film, dance artists to music artist of classical, blues, folk, ethno-pop, opera, and singer-songwriters. We produce tours, Theatre performances, videos, documentary films and recordings. We function as a contact between artists and bookers, but also as a link between different countries and cultures. Our vision is to create a unique, professional platform where artists with backgrounds rarely represented on radio and television can be developed, seen and presented in Sweden and across the globe. United Voice strives towards a gender-equal industry and actively employs non-men when possible. This is important, especially when working in regions where movement towards gender equality is slow, uneven or sometimes practically non-existent. Our goal at United Voice is to become the primary platformfor bookers in stage and media seeking music from artists with diverse ethnic backgrounds.