Voice Over

Get your voice-overs professionally done at United Voice. We also offer translated over-dubs in multiple languages.

Do you have a film, commercial, presentation or maybe an audio/video book that you need voice-overs for? United Voice will help you with the recording, wether it’s your own voice, your colleague’s or if you wan’t United Voice to find a professional narrator for you, we are happy to assist you.

Vocal tuning,

recording and production

Do you have a ready instrumental, song or jingle that you want to record your vocals on? Let United Voice help you finish your track.

Need co-production for your vocal recordings, tuning or just don’t like the sound of your already recorded vocals? We know how frustrating it can be when your track is this close from being perfect but it miss that something. Let us guide you, sometimes new ears can open your eyes.  

Music Production

At United Voice we offer full Music Production for your songs and projects.

Wether you need arrangements, production, individual tracks, mixing or mastering,

United Voice will provide you with what you need to fulfil your necessaries according to your musical taste. We have high qualified in-house producers, engineers, musicians and we always collaborate with external actors when needed. Our goal is to come as close as we possibly can to your vision.

Music, Audio and Sound Design for Film, Video & Theater

United Voice will help you with the music and audio needs for your films,  videos and Theater productions.

We can help you with compositions, arrangements of your existing music or ideas, recordings of already composed music or full productions, mixed and master-ready for you visual art and films. We can also help you with audio and dialogue editing, sound FX’s and Sound Design for your Theatre work.


United Voice