Sina Valiollah


Sina Valiollah has been nominated three times as the best presenter for the "Televison and Radio Festival Awards" and won the awards in 2004.

Apart from his TV and Radio works, Sina has been also active in advertisement and dub of various programs. Beinginvolved with script writing, directing and Narration of The Harry Potter Audiobook project with Rambod Javan which was produced by Beethoven Centre, is also amongst his other great accomplishments.

In 2005 he was asked by PMC management to join them as a Host and Production Manager. During the 5 years working with them he produced many successful and popular programs such as, the "Box Office", "Pyramid", "PMC FM" and"Game and Tech", in addition to that with the help of his old fried Farshid Manafi, Sina managed to get various popular programs such as "The Entertainment Channel", "Punk'd" an "Pimp my ride" dubbed and air.

Despite his demanding role in Farsi1 he managed to obtain the rights of the production and broadcast of one of the world's biggest TV game shows called " Deal or No Deal" for the first time in Farsi, which was produced and hosted by himself.

Sina has also obtained the rights to produce and broadcast of the first Farsi Late Night Show for Iranians, called "Chandshanbeh ba Sina". This program is produced and hosted by himself and is broadcasting weekly on Farsi1. Today he is the producer and host of the most popular Iranian late night show, called , “Chandshanbeh ba Sina” on MBC Persia