Zinat Pirzadeh


Zinat Pirzadeh is one of Sweden’s most loved and successful stand up comedians and speakers.

With equal amounts of good humour and good sense, Zinat puts the spotlight right where it should be. The widening cracks in society now painfully clear to see, she suddenly swings a sledgehammer. Bam! A gust of fresh air from the other side. The perspective changes and you realise you were really staring at the walls of division. Turning established principles over, Zinat constantly challenges the audience to see problems and solutions with absolutely fresh eyes. The emperor was naked all along!

Zinat’s unique connection with her audience is one of the reasons for her popularity. She makes you feel seen, safe and happy, never lectures to or shames anyone for dramatic effect. It’s a mutual experience with much warmth and laughter. She treats you to a symphony of feelings, impressions and knowledge that will linger for a long time and make you come back over and over again.

— I’ve booked thousands of gigs for over 50 comedians. Zinat is one of the safest to send out on a job, Zinat’s agent Sara Liljedahl says.

Zinat is also a moderator, presenter, actress and author of several successful books, she’s well known from radio and tv and is an award winning comedian.

Said about Zinat:
A huge and warm thanks for your amazing contribution to Spring Word Festival! You really are a super professional with many wise things to share from your wast life experience and with so much warmth. And humour! People are blissful, happy and grateful that you came and shared this with us!
Gunilla Sandin, Strömstad.