DHOAD Gypsies


Dhoad Gypsies is a collective of consummate, wise and spirited musicians, vocalists and dancers of all generations.

 The mesmerizing, spectacular, fabulous show of poets troubadours, musicians, dancers and fakir (fire eater) from the country of Maharajas.

With six musicians, one dancer and one Fakir/Fire-eater. The Dhoad Gypsies are dedicated to gathering the leading figures of the Rajasthan musician castes.


Award Winning Founding musician and Artistic Director - Rahis Bharti - has spent over 20  years spreading the musical culture of Rajasthan to a World wide audience.

 With an impressive tour history of over 110 countries including Venues,Festivals and performances to the likes of Presidents, Queens and nobility... It is no wonder the Dhoad Gypsies are known as The Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan. Witness seven generations of ancient to modern music passed down through the ages in this fascinating country