Samira Golbaz


Samira Golbaz was born in 1984. She holds B.A of music from Sooreh University and M.A in Art-Research from Islamic Azad University. Her main instructors in playing Setar and Iranian music principles were Ataollah Jangook, Hamid Sokouti, Bahram Jamali, Alireza Rastinfar, Masoud Shaari and Hamid Motebassem. Her most important artistic activities includes teaching music, collaborating with some music groups (such as Torgheh, Sarv-e-azad and Mezrab), collaborating with Hamid Motebassem as a Tar and Setar player in some albums such as “Zemzemeha”, “Zemestan”, “To kisti”, “Tar-o-Pud”, and “My Colorful Dreams”. She has performed in several countries and different international festivals and has written music articles and reviews as well.